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The Word Made Flesh

The Word Made Flesh

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Author: Lewis Benson

Format: 8.5" x 11" Downloadable PDF

Description: The subject of this letter is crucial. Lewis Benson’s opening statement gets to the heart of issues confronting anyone who is convinced by the message of Fox and the early Friends. Benson states:

"I was interested in your comments on my “that of God” paper. In this paper I tried to express my strong conviction that the heart of George Fox’s message and that which is most distinctive about it is his teaching about Jesus Christ and how he saves men. When I read the paper no one commented on my statement that Fox’s Christology and soteriology are not constructed on the basis of traditional conceptions of the incarnation and the Atonement. You are right in focusing on this as the point most needing further discussion, and I will attempt to respond to your questions “What did Fox think about the incarnation?” and “What does he actually say about ‘The word made flesh?’”"

The ensuing letter deals with what Fox had to say about “The word made flesh.” Incarnation is a word that Fox did not use. 


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